ACS Blog Symposium on the Impeachment Inquiry

In these blogs, experts from the ACS network offer analysis on the legal and procedural standards for impeachment. For more, visit ACS's Impeachment Resources page for a compilation of op-eds from the ACS network, event listings, and the ACS Discussion Guide on Impeachment.


What To Expect When You're Expecting Impeachment

The Constitution says virtually nothing about the procedures the House and Senate are to employ in carrying out their respective impeachment roles. This blog outlines the mechanics of impeachment.

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Don't Forget the Cover-Up(s): On Trump's Abuse of the Executive's Secret-Keeping Powers

The impeachment inquiry should look at President Trump’s misuse of the executive’s secret-keeping tools to keep Congress and the American people in the dark about his actions toward Ukraine.

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Profiting off the Presidency: Trump’s Violations of the Emoluments Clauses

The Framers of the Constitution were acutely aware of the dangers presented by foreign influence on the president.

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Executive Privilege and Impeachment 

There is a strong case that executive privilege should not limit disclosures to relevant House Committees in the impeachment context.

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