Voting Rights Projects

Our democracy depends on all eligible citizens having a meaningful opportunity to vote. ACS’s work in this area promotes laws and policies that protect and expand the right to vote, as well as ensure that our elections are fair and accessible. To further this work, ACS provides opportunities for lawyers and law students to engage in projects related to expanding voting rights--both on the ground and remote research opportunities. Sign up to volunteer for any of these projects.

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Run. Vote. Work.

The legitimacy of our democracy rests in no small part on the integrity of our elections. This starts with ensuring that all eligible voters are able to cast their ballots and that voters actually decide the outcome of our elections.

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Become a Poll Worker Today!

Take the pledge to become a poll worker in your community ahead of the 2024 election!

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Constitution in the Classroom

Engage local schools and students by leading discussions about the U.S. Constitution. ACS has prepared presentation materials and additional resources to make it easy for anyone to teach a classroom. Our curriculum this year focuses on Race and the Constitution.

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Election Day Class Cancellation

Establish a day of civic service at your law school! Several law schools cancel classes on Election Day to encourage law students to engage in the election process.

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