Path to the Bench

Creating the Next Generation of Leaders in the Law

The ACS Path to the Bench Initiative is developing a highly qualified pool of legal professionals dedicated to long-term, positive change and a fair judiciary. Our chapters, working closely with their local legal communities, are identifying talented progressive lawyers at every stage in their careers and giving them the support necessary to obtain influential legal positions at the state and federal level. Central to our work is ensuring that local legal communities come together to engage in the process and racial, ethnic, gender, sexual orientation, and practice area diversity is prioritized.

ACS is uniquely positioned to build the bench of the next generation of leaders in the law. ACS chapters have spent the last 17 years building robust networks across the country and shaping the debate on the nation’s most important legal issues. Our members can be found at the highest levels of local, state, and federal governments, occupy seats on state and federal benches, and have leadership roles throughout legal academia, private industry, and nonprofit and advocacy organizations—all vital components of thriving progressive legal communities.

To move forward, we must continue to cultivate powerful networks that represent the rich inclusiveness of this country and prepare future judges and senior legal officials to safeguard our most important institutions and constitutional values. ACS is building the bench of progressive lawyers and judges and providing the networks to create the next generation of leaders in the law.

Tracking Judicial Nominations and Vacancies in Appellate and District Courts

Visit our Judicial Nominations page for the latest information on current and future nominations proceedings.

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