ACS's various projects provide resources and best practices for policymakers, lawyers, and advocates on key legal issues as well as engage communities across the country in promoting the Constitution.


Impeachment and Accountability

Impeachment and Accountability “Accountability – accountability for all who directly or indirectly fomented sedition, shed blood and took life to subvert democracy and our Constitution – must be our watchword as events unfold in the coming days and months.”   Russ Feingold, ACS President  

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The Death Penalty in America

Latest ACS statements, analysis, and resources about the unconstitutional and racist practice of the death penalty.

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State Attorneys General Project

Through ACS's network of students, lawyers, academics and allies, the AG Project develops and disseminates legal resources and hosts programming and events examining the actions of state attorneys general and the emerging legal and policy issues they face.

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Judicial Nominations

Under the Trump administration, the composition of the federal courts is transforming rapidly. View our interactive map, circuit court infographic, and other resources to learn more.

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