The Presidential Investigation Education Project

The American Constitution Society (ACS) and Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) are partnering to promote informed public evaluation of the investigations by Special Counsel Robert Mueller and others into Russian interference in the 2016 election and related matters. The joint effort is called the ACS-CREW Presidential Investigation Education Project. It includes developing and disseminating legal analysis of key issues that emerge as the inquiries unfold. The project also connects the press and members of the public with ACS and CREW experts and other legal scholars who are writing on these matters.

NEW ACS/CREW Report: The Implications for the Mueller Investigation of Confirming Judge Brett Kavanaugh

Professor Neil Kinkopf examines the consequences that confirming Judge Brett Kavanaugh, President Donald Trump’s nominee to be Associate Justice of the United States, would have for the ongoing investigation of Russian interference in the last presidential election. Because Judge Kavanaugh is an ardent proponent of the Unitary Executive Theory, the implications of Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation are reasonably clear: the confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh would significantly undermine the ability of Special Counsel Robert Mueller, or any other authority, to conduct a credible, independent investigation of the President or the President’s campaign. This paper begins by setting forth the meaning of the Unitary Executive Theory of presidential power as well as Judge Kavanaugh’s advocacy of the theory. The paper then examines a number of the specific ramifications of this theory for the Mueller probe.

For a review of primary project reports and op-eds, find our resource page here. Below are links to recent writing concerning the investigations by experts associated with our two organizations and others; select relevant documents; recent news developments; and other events. If you have questions about any of these materials or would like to consult with our experts on unfolding events, please contact Kristin Amerling, For press questions please contact Wil Lutz, or Jordan Libowitz,

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