Senate Must Stop Rush to Confirm Kavanaugh

Amid recent allegations, continued document secrecy

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Importance of the Courts

A fair and impartial judiciary is critical. Judges decide issues from health care access to voting rights, and the processes of local, state, and federal judicial selection must promote fairness and judicial independence. 

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Regulation and the Administrative State

Regulation plays a vital role in everyday life, ensuring that our drinking water is clean, our medications are safe, and our bank deposits are secured.

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Separation of Powers and Federalism

The Framers believed that dividing power was the surest way to protect individual liberty and check against governmental excesses.

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Caroline Fredrickson:

Serious Allegations Warrant Pause in Kavanaugh Confirmation Process

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The Implications for the Mueller Investigation of Confirming Judge Brett Kavanaugh

Caroline Fredrickson:

We shouldn’t be considering SCOTUS nominee while the President is implicated

Caroline Fredrickson Statement on Kavanaugh

Kavanaugh Just Another Step in Trump's Radical Right Agenda

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