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Welcome to ACS, the leading progressive legal nonprofit organization with more than 200 student and lawyer chapters across the nation.

  • Truth, Racial Healing, and Transformation

    A national commission, with the requisite independence and resources, is needed to develop a full and accurate historical record of the laws and legal systems that must be dismantled, rewritten, and reimagined to achieve racial equity and prosperity in this country.

  • Run. Vote. Work.

    Run.Vote.Work. focuses on advocating for voting rights and non-partisan redistricting; mobilizing and educating voters about their rights; raising awareness and increasing engagement on down ballot races, and connecting our members with opportunities to support voting rights and election integrity.

    Run. Vote. Work.
  • Track Judicial Nominations

    Every day, federal courts decide cases critical to our rights — from the environment to voting to immigration. Those who are appointed to serve on the bench must be qualified, fair, and impartial.

  • Broken Law Podcast

    Ever feel like the law is stacked against you? It probably is. Broken Law speaks truth to power in discussing how our laws and legal system serve the few at the expense of the many. This is where law meets real life.

    Tune In
  • ACS Book Club

    The ACS Book Club seeks to spotlight the impressive breadth of knowledge and experience in our network with a particular focus on lifting up voices and perspectives that have traditionally or historically been marginalized in legal and policy discussions.

  • ACS Chapters

    The engine that drives ACS’s work is its rapidly growing nationwide network of more than 200 student and lawyer chapters in 48 states and almost every law school. ACS chapters offer platforms for discussion, opportunities for networking and mentoring, and organizing around matters of both local and national significance.


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