ACS Fair Courts Reports

ACS's reports examine key topics and major findings in state and federal judicial issues.


Judicial Nominations Update - December 2021

Every day our federal courts decide cases critical to our rights— from voting rights to environmental justice to immigrants’ rights. The Biden-Harris administration and the Senate now have an opportunity to diversify the courts by nominating and confirming qualified diverse, progressive judges.

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What’s the Big Idea? Recommendations for Improving Law & Policy in the Next Administration and in the States

As the nation prepares to welcome a new administration, ACS is pleased to release a collection of essays that represents the best thinking of a diverse set of scholars and advocates.

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Dark Money and the Courts: The Right Wing Takeover of the Judiciary

The Far Right is pursuing an audacious effort to capture America’s courts. Fueled by $250 million in secret “dark money” contributions, they seek to enact a radical social and economic agenda they could never achieve legislatively. Learn more, including what you can do to protect a fair judiciary.

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Roadblock to Reform: Judicial Selection and Criminal Justice Reform

How do state court judges’ political incentives affect their willingness to employ criminal justice reforms? This report, Roadblock to Reform, looks at how judges in Kentucky and Virginia have adopted risk assessment tools to inform incarceration decisions. It considers whether judges’ willingness to use risk assessment tools is related to how the judge is selected.

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