Caroline Fredrickson

ACS President

Mark Alpert

Administrative Assistant

Harry Baumgarten

Director of Strategic Engagement

Alex Beszhak

Digital Strategy Associate

Crystal R. Bishop

Administrative Assistant

Jordan Blisk

Assistant Director of Chapters

Courtni Y. Burleson

Senior Director of Foundation Relations

Nathan Clark

Director of Administration and Operations

Jill Dash

Vice President of Strategic Engagement

Ashley Erickson

Director of Network Advancement

Sam Fouad

Assistant Director of Network Communications

Kennedy Freeman

Network Advancement Associate

Zachary Gima

Director of Strategic Engagement

Molly Greene

Assistant Director of Chapters

Tyler Hatch

Associate Director of Donor Relations

Michelle Herd

Assistant Director of Chapters

Brian William Kaufman

Associate Director of Chapters

Peggy Li

Associate Director of Chapters

William Lutz

Vice President of Communications

David Lyle

Senior Counsel for Strategic Engagement

Belinda Macauley

Vice President of Development & Senior Counsel

Jake Mazeitis

Lawyer Chapter Fellow

Kendra McCormick

Administration Associate

Lauren Nogay

Development Associate

Zinelle October

Vice President of Network Advancement

Meghan Paulas

Senior Director of Chapters

Thomas M. Pazzi

Chief Financial Officer

Debra Perlin

Director of Policy and Program

Anuraj K.C. Shah

Network Advancement Fellow

Kara Stein

Vice President of Policy and Program

Alexandra Walker

Director of Digital Strategy

Morgan Washburn

Assistant Director of Administration and Operations

Jeran Wiebke

Office Manager and Bookkeeper

Tom Wright

Law Fellow

Christopher Wright Durocher

Senior Director of Policy and Program