ACS Issue Briefs

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Protecting Digital Data at the U.S. Border

Given “the unprecedented and significant privacy interests travelers have in their electronic devices,” Sophia Cope argues that U.S. border agents should be required to obtain a warrant before searching a traveler’s digital data when it crosses the border.

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Rethinking Admin Law: From APA to Z

Rethinking Admin Law: From APA to Z highlights ideas from leading administrative law scholars and practitioners addressing what an affirmative progressive agenda for regulatory reform might look like. 

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A Right-Wing Rout

Senator Whitehouse’s issue brief shows how the “Roberts Five” have delivered rulings that favor corporate and partisan interests.

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Discriminatory Driver’s License Suspension Schemes

Danielle Conley and Ariel Levinson-Waldman argue that license suspension schemes are ripe for reform at the state level throughout the country, with many states already leading the way.

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