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A Right-Wing Rout: What the “Roberts Five” Decisions Tell Us About the Integrity of Today’s Supreme Court

April 24, 2019 In a new Issue Brief for ACS, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse asserts that “Republican appointees to the Supreme Court have, with remarkable consistency, delivered rulings that advantage the big corporate and special interests that are, in turn, the political lifeb...

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Discriminatory Driver’s License Suspension Schemes

March 19, 2019 More than seven million Americans have had their licenses suspended for unpaid, co...

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Shifting Gears: The Federal Government’s Reversal on California’s Clean Air Act Waiver

The Trump Administration has its sights on a special waiver written into the Clean Air Act that per...

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Preparing for the 2020 Census: Considerations for State Attorneys General

With the 2020 Census looming, ACS is pleased to present a new Issue Brief by John H. Thompson, ...

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