Impeachment and Accountability

“Accountability – accountability for all who directly or indirectly fomented sedition, shed blood and took life to subvert democracy and our Constitution – must be our watchword as events unfold in the coming days and months.”  

Russ Feingold, ACS President  

Picture of the US Capitol building and blue sky


Insurrection at the Capitol: Where Do We Go From Here

Egged on by President Trump's refusal to accept electoral defeat, rioters breached the Capitol building on January 6th and interrupted the constitutionally required electoral college certification process. As Members of Congress were forced to evacuate, the unfolding violence was described as treason, insurrection, and sedition. In response, proposals invoking the 25th Amendment or implementing impeachment proceedings have been raised. Legally, what do these terms mean?

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Legal Scholars Call for President Trump’s Immediate Removal

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Nancy Rodriguez, Washington, D.C.  –  Calling the continued presidency of Donald Trump “a grave risk to our democracy” more than 1,000 legal and constitutional scholars from around the country have signed on to a letter calling for his immediate removal from office. The bipartisan letter was coordinated by Kent Greenfield, […]

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Accountability Needed for All Who Engaged In or Supported Seditious Acts

American Constitution Society President Russ Feingold released the following statement today in response to the ongoing revelations regarding the Trumpist insurrection.

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