Election Day Class Cancellation

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Democracy does not exist unless we vote, it’s that simple. For most of American history, voting was a segregated act. Ensuring that all eligible voters are able to cast their ballot this year is vital to our country’s pursuit of multiracial democracy. In this vein, Election Day should be a national holiday. In the absence of a holiday, ACS encourages law schools to cancel classes and to encourage students to vote and volunteer at the polls.

We are witnessing a historic attempt by many states to suppress voting, specifically to suppress the voting rights of people of color. Responding to this and ensuring that all eligible voters can cast their ballot is our collective responsibility. Students, faculty, and college administrators have an opportunity to stand up for voting rights by canceling classes and devoting Election Day to civic responsibility.

We know that making Election Day a holiday or canceling classes is not enough to counter voter suppression laws. But this is one of many steps that we can take to help more people get to the polls. Join our efforts to establish a day of civic service at your law school!

In recent years, several law schools have either canceled classes or allowed for class accommodations on Election Day to encourage law students to engage in the election process. This page provides information and resources on how more schools can join in canceling classes on Election Day to encourage voting and civic activism. View our blueprint for student chapters looking to get involved in Election Day class cancellation efforts.

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