Student Chapter Resources

Running an ACS Student Chapter


ACS Student Chapter Handbook

The ACS Student Chapter Handbook is intended as a resource for incoming and current student leaders and those interested in organizing new chapters.

ACS Student Chapter Template Constitution

The ACS Student Chapter Template Constitution is meant as a framework document necessary for setting up a Student Chapter.

2023-2024 Faculty Advisor Checklist

Reach out to your ACS Faculty Advisor and provide them with the ​​2023-2024 Faculty Advisor Checklist. P

2023-2024 ACS Model Calendar

An example and potential starting point for programming ideas for your student chapter.

Student Chapter Engagement Opportunities

Check out how your chapter can get engaged with ACS opportunities and programs.

Student Chapter Board Template Update

Use this spreadsheet template to keep your student chapter board members' contact information up to date. Download as an excel (.xls) file.

Recruiting and Building a Chapter

  • To familiarize students with our mission, have a chapter leader recite the following description about ACS before introducing the speaker(s) at each event.

    “For those not familiar with ACS, we are a national network of lawyers, law students, scholars, judges and policymakers who believe that the law should be a force to improve the lives of all people. ACS works for positive change by shaping debate on vitally important legal and constitutional issues through the development and promotion of high-impact ideas. If you support these efforts and are not a formal part of our network, I encourage you to become a national member of ACS today.”

  • Bring a laptop to each event so that members can sign up for national membership on-site.
  • Encourage students to become national ACS members by directing them to:
  • Encourage students to sign-in using the ACS Sign in Sheet during social and networking events.
  • Screen the “We Are ACS” video and discuss the benefits of national membership at informational and introductory meetings. Benefits include:
    • Access to ACS’s online job bank.
    • ACS’s weekly e-mail bulletin, which summarizes law and policy news from around the country, as well as upcoming ACS events.
    • The chance to connect and build relationships with lawyers, judges, law professors, and law students with expertise in virtually every area of the law.
    • Electronic versions of the Harvard Law & Policy Review, the official journal of ACS, and Advance, the official journal of the ACS Issue Groups.
    • Eligibility to apply for student scholarships to attend ACS conventions.
  • Access our flyer to reach out to pre-law undergrads.

ACS Student Membership

Programming Ideas and Resources

Event Logistics