Instructions for Posting Events

Please refer to the instructions below to create a new event for your student chapter:

1. Create a user account (or log in) on our ACS Soapbox dashboard here. You will use this login for all event, reimbursement and funding requests you make. Be sure to use a login and password you will remember.

2. Click on “Submit an Event Proposal”

3. Fill in the required fields with the appropriate information. Then click “Submit Your Event Proposal.”

Your event will then be submitted to a queue for moderator approval. When the moderator has approved your event, it will appear on your chapter page. Your event will not appear until it has been approved and published by ACS staff. You can go to your chapter page to view upcoming and recent (past) events. Thank you for posting! As always, feel free to reach out to us at if you are experiencing any technical problems.

Please note that in order to request funding or reimbursement for event expenses you must have posted the event using the instructions above. To view our instructions for funding and reimbursement, click here.