Wake Forest University School of Law

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Faculty Advisors

Kami Chavis - Faculty Advisor

Michael Curtis - Faculty Advisor

J. Wilson Parker - Faculty Advisor


Hunter Arz - Action & Community Engagement Chair

Carlo Ballestros-Flores - Diversity & Inclusion

Steven Bradford - Chief Strategist/Programming Chair

Megan Cobb - 3L Representative

Braedan Gillman - Treasurer

Aren Hendrickson - 2L Representative

Abbie Hibsch - Co - President

Alexandria Hill - Historian

Delaney James - Co-President

Jen Keung - Social Media and Publicity

Hannah Neff - 3L Representative

Keenan Osborne - Clerkship and Networking

Bruce Robinson - Membership Chair

Claire Stanley - Community Outreach Chair

Jennifer Webster - Vice President

Jacqueline Winters - Chief Strategist/Programming Chair