Student Chapter Handbook


Updated July, 2023

The ACS Student Chapter Handbook is intended as a resource for incoming and current student leaders and those interested in organizing new chapters. If you have additional questions or suggestions for future editions, please contact us.

Chapters Team

Meghan Paulas, Vice President of Network Advancement,
Peggy Li, Senior Director of Chapters,
Jordan Blisk, Associate Director of Chapters,
Robert Williams, Associate Director of Chapters,
Faith Fogle Pensinger, Associate Director of Chapters,
Morgan Ipanema, Assistant Director of Chapters,
Jordan Guillen, Chapters Associate,
Janeen Scott, Executive Assistant,
The ACS Lawyer Chapters Team,



Student Chapter Resources

Everything you need to know about building, running, programming and sustaining an ACS Student Chapter. Along with our lawyer chapters, the ACS network Our chapters holds over 1,400 public programs across the country each year, generating “intellectual capital” for ready use by progressive allies and shaping debates on key legal and public policy issues.

Students of ACS

ACS wouldn’t be ACS without its amazing network of law students that inspire us every day. Each week of the academic year, ACS features a blurb from a student chapter member about their work with ACS, what led them to law school, what motivates them, and more.
NYU ACS Election Protection

Student Chapter of the Week

Our student chapters work hard to bring progressive programming on timely legal topics to campuses across the country. The ACS Chapters Team recognizes a different student chapter for its efforts each week during the academic year.