May 8, 2023

Temple University Beasley School of Law ACS Chapter

The Temple University Beasley School of Law ACS Chapter is honored to be recognized as Student Chapter of the Week!

Temple ACS hosted a wide array of progressive events on campus this year, featuring topics like housing affordability, the separation of church and state, qualified immunity and stop-and-frisk, abortion access and reproductive rights, legal accountability in judicial clerkships, and the current Supreme Court term.  Some of the esteemed speakers the Temple chapter was able to host included the Honorable Judge Theodore McKee of the Third Circuit Court of Appeals, the Honorable Judge Giovanni Campbell of the Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas, and the Honorable Mari Carmen Aponte, Ambassador to Panama, among many others.  Additionally, the chapter was thrilled to participate in planning the Philadelphia-Area Chapters Second Annual Symposium on Public Welfare & the Law. Its programming educated Temple law students, helped spread progressive legal causes, and provided our chapter members the opportunity build their professional network.

The chapter was particularly proud to organize Temple’s first ever Civic Engagement Fair ahead of the 2022 Midterm Elections, which highlighted statewide election protection organizations and spurred dozens of students to sign up to volunteer.  This was possible due to the chapter’s successful campaign to secure Election Day off for Temple law students as a Day of Civic Service, an opportunity the chapter hopes to expand university-wide. The campaign arose with the assistance ACS’s Election Day Class Cancellation Project, demonstrating the power of sharing resources and collaborating between law schools.

The chapter is excited to announce that next year’s president will be Valerie Wilson, who hopes to continue the chapter’s leadership in providing progressive programming and organizing on campus.  Finally, the chapter congratulates this year’s president, Arlo Blaisus, on his selection as a 2023 Next Generation Leader!

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