April 24, 2023

Harvard Law ACS Chapter

The Harvard Law ACS Chapter is proud to be recognized as Student Chapter of the Week!

Harvard ACS hosted more than 50 progressive events on campus this year. Some programming highlights include the constitution in the classroom series, which teaches constitution law to incarcerated people and kids in public schools, and bringing a host of progressive speakers onto campus, including Julian Castro, Deval Patrick, and Michelle Goodwin. The chapter also saw success with its supreme court moots program, which brings litigants to campus to moot their cases for progressive causes in preparation for argument in front of federal courts. The chapter additionally organized some social events as well, such as bar trivia, white elephant gift exchanges, and election night watch parties. It organized or contributed to a variety of student activism on campus, from reforming Harvard's low-income protection plan, to organizing for reproductive justice.

The chapter recently took its annual trip to DC, where it met with Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, DC Public Defender Service, and ACS National.

Next year, the chapter hopes to continue ACS’ mission of making Harvard Law School and the United States a more progressive place, and to collaborate with other progressives both within and outside of ACS. The chapter wishes to thank its faculty advisors, Professors Bowie and Lvovsky, for all of their support.

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