• Announcing the 2014 Progressive Champions

    We are pleased to announce our 2014 Progressive Champions, who will be honored at the 2014 ACS National Convention

    Peter B. Edelman is a nationally renowned advocate for the nation’s most vulnerable. Rick A. Palmore is a celebrated attorney and corporate leader who has sparked industry-wide attention on the value and importance of a diverse workplace.

  • Welcome to ACS

    In our 10+ years of history, ACS has become a powerful institution helping to shape the law. Learn more here about ACS from our president, Caroline Fredrickson. You can also hear what Gov. Deval Patrick, Sen. Tom Daschle, Sen. Al Franken, White House Director of Domestic Policy Melody Barnes, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse and others have to say about our great work in this video.

  • News You Need, Now

    LegalEyes is a new ACSblog feature highlighting important news in law and public policy. Every weekday at noon, ACS staff will provide a collection of smart and thought-provoking commentary from leading national journalists, nonprofit advocates, legal scholars and progressive policymakers.
    You can browse old posts here. Visit ACSblog each day for new resources!
  • What's New in Judicial Nominations

    The Senate filled the nation's longest-running judicial vacancy with the confirmation on John B. Owens to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. The Senate Judiciary Committee considered several more nominees and voted some out of committee. And the Center for American Progress released a new report on the vacancy crisis in Texas.

    More on the week's news can be found here.

  • From 'Papers Please' to DREAM and TRUST

    Why did states and localities pass anti-immigrant laws, and what explains their recent shift to the positive? What are the legal theories and policy arguments being offered to support these efforts?

    ACS and the Center for American Progress hosted a panel discussion about the potential of immigration federalism to promote pro-immigrant policies, and what the future of state and local action might be, with or without federal comprehensive reform.
  • Report: Money Influences State Courts

    Justice at Risk—commissioned by ACS and authored by Joanna Shepherd, Professor of Law at Emory University—shows the growing relationship between money and our state courts.

    Watch Justice at Stake's Bert Brandenburg, the Brennan Center's Alicia Bannon, and ACS's own David Lyle discuss the report.

  • National Security and Personal Privacy

    Geoffrey R. Stone, an ACS Faculty Advisor at the University of Chicago, wrote a series for The Huffington Post on surveillance.

    Slate's Dahlia Lithwick moderated an ACS panel on the Constitution and privacy in a time of innovation.

    At the 2013 ACS National Convention, ACS Board Member Dawn Johnsen moderated a panel on exeutive power and national security.

  • Explaining Constitutional Interpretation

    Keeping Faith with the Constitution is a common-sense approach to constitutional interpretation written by Goodwin Liu, Pamela S. Karlan, and Christopher Schroeder. Its themes continue to frame much of what ACS does across the country, from events to issue briefs and more.

    For more reading, browse our ACSblog symposium in honor of Constitution Day 2013.

Shaping Debate

  • ACS Network Tackles Important Issues

    Across the country, ACS law students, lawyers, judges and policymakers are coming together to discuss the pressing challenges facing our nation. Events have focused on voting rights and Shelby County v. Holder; on legislative prayer and Town of Greece v. Galloway; on indigent defense and Gideon v. Wainright; and much more.

  • Explore Videos from the 2013 National Convention

    Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Gov. Martin O'Malley, Sen. Jeff Merkley, Rep. John Lewis, DOJ’s Tony West and other esteemed guests addressed the 2013 ACS National Convention. You can hear their words and more by exploring our video collection.

  • ACS, NLADA Placing Public Defender Interns

    ACS and the National Legal Aid & Defender Association have partnered to match public defenders with qualified law students. ACS is using its national student network to create a roster of students committed to indigent defense and seeking internships at public defender offices.

  • ACS & Partners Promote Booklet on Becoming a Federal Judge

    In an effort to illuminate the federal judicial selection process, ACS has partnered with the HNBA, Justice at Stake, NAPABA, NAWJ, NBA, NCAI, and the National LGBT Bar to produce and promote The Path To The Federal Bench.

Building Networks

  • Thank You to Our Supporters

    We would like to say thank you to the ACS supporters who have demonstrated their commitment to protecting our constitutional values with a gift!

    Your support enables us to produce the programming, publications and activities that help us make a difference on so many important issues.

  • Protect Your Voting Rights

    As the U.S. Supreme Court uses Shelby County v. Holder (2013) to gut the Voting Rights Act, ACS will continue to serve as a resource on the issue of voting rights—one of the most fundamental rights that every American possesses.

    At the 2013 ACS National Convention, ACS Board Member Linda Greenhouse lead a conversation on voting rights. Watch here.

  • Addressing the Indigent Defense Crisis

    To address persistent failures to fulfill the promise of Gideon v. Wainwright (1963), ACS has launched an initiative to strengthen the federal role in improving the indigent defense system. Clarence Earl Gideon, pictured left, took his case to the Supreme Court.

  • Educating the Next Generation

    Our national civics program, Constitution in the Classroom, brings ACS members into primary and secondary classrooms across the country to raise awareness of fundamental constitutional principles. Our members have helped educate thousands of students on vital issues of the day.

  • Watching Judicial Nominations in 2014

    How will Congress handle the confirmation of judges to the federal bench where vacancies are already high? Stay up-to-date with statistics, analysis, and coverage of congressional action at and ACSblog.

  • You Shared Your Stories, and People Noticed

    Your positive reviews at GreatNonprofits have made ACS a 2013 Top-Rated Nonprofit!  Thank you for helping us share our work with new supporters, and please continue sharing your feedback and ACS stories with us.

Making a Difference

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Justice at Risk, commissioned by ACS and authored by Joanna Shepherd, Professor of Law at Emory University, analyzes data from all 50 states in 2010-12 and shows the growing relationship between money and judicial rulings in business-related cases.

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