January 15, 2024

San Francisco Chronicle: What’s the most important issue when selecting California’s next senator? The judiciary

ACS President Russ Feingold and ACS Board of Directors Member Gabriella Barbosa co-authored an op-ed for the San Francisco Chronicle in an effort to implore California voters to consider how congressional candidates would vote on judges if elected. Noting the current ideological divide stalling progress on impactful legislation in Congress, the op-ed highlights how future Senators will effect progress in their ability to fill judicial vacancies.

"Given the hyper-partisanship that is unfortunately crippling Congress now, it is unlikely that the next U.S. Senator from California will have the opportunity to vote on successful legislation that protects the right to abortion or bans racial gerrymandering or protects workers’ right to strike. But it is likely that the next U.S. Senator from California votes to confirm judges who will oversee cases that directly impact those issues during their tenure on the bench."

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