July 5, 2022

Episode 57: The Chaos of a Post-Roe America

The U.S. Supreme Court's final decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health is as bad as we feared it would be. For the first time in history, our highest court has eliminated a fundamental right by overruling Roe v. Wade. On this episode, Lindsay Langholz is joined by returning guests Jenny Ma, Senior Staff Attorney with the Center for Reproductive Rights, and Rosann Mariappurum, Executive Director of Jane's Due Process, to discuss the Dobbs decision, the legal uncertainty and confusion for patients and providers, and the flurry of legal activity to combat state abortion bans and restrictions. They also share how listeners can support abortion rights amidst the chaos of a post-Roe America.

Episode Host: Lindsay Langholz, ACS Director of Policy and Program

Episode Guests:
Jenny Ma, Senior Staff Attorney, Center for Reproductive Rights
Rosann Mariappuram, Executive Director, Jane's Due Process


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