May 31, 2022

Episode 52: A Guide to Reforming the Supreme Court

Last October, we released an episode entitled, “The Case for Supreme Court Reform.” Since then, the urgency to reform our highest court has only intensified, as public trust in the Court continues to decline and the Court’s legitimacy along with it.

This week, Jeanne Hruska speaks with Kermit Roosevelt from the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School about the "how to" of Supreme Court reform. They dive into the mechanics of establishing term limits for justices and expanding the Court. They also discuss the difference between the symptoms and the cause of the Court's legitimacy crisis.

Episode Host: Jeanne Hruska, ACS Sr Advisor for Communications and Strategy

Episode Guest: Kermit Roosevelt, David Berger Professor for the Administration of Justice at University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School

"Coming to Terms with Term Limits: Fixing the Downward Spiral of Supreme Court Appointments," by Kermit Roosevelt III and Ruth-Helen Vassilas
"I Spent 7 Months Studying Supreme Court Reform. We Need to Pack the Court Now," by Kermit Roosevelt III
"The Supreme Court isn’t well. The only hope for a cure is more justices," by Nancy Gertner and Laurence H. Tribe
"Majority Say Let Roe Stand; Scotus Approval Rating Drops," Monmouth University

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