May 24, 2022

Episode 51: The Domino Effect of Dobbs

The leaked draft opinion in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, if officially released by the Supreme Court, would wipe out the federal constitutional right to abortion and directly impact the lives of millions of people. Already, the conservative legal movement is mobilizing to take advantage of the groundwork being laid in Dobbs to put same-sex marriage, contraception, and even interracial marriage in jeopardy. How wide will the impact of the Dobbs decision be and who will be affected? This week, Lindsay Langholz speaks with Kimberly Mutcherson, Professor and Co-Dean of Rutgers Law School, about the potential domino effect of Dobbs.

Episode Host: Lindsay Langholz, ACS Director of Policy and Programs

Episode Guest: Kimberly Mutcherson, Co-Dean and Professor of Law, Rutgers Law School

Pregnancy and Childbirth Endanger Women’s Lives and Health: 'Pregnancy Is Not a Benign Condition,'" by Carrie Baker
"The People Who Promised Roe Was Safe Are Already Selling Their Next Bridge," by Dahlia Lithwick
"Most Women Denied Abortions by Texas Law Got Them Another Way," by Margot Sanger-Katz, Claire Cain Miller and Quoctrung Bui
"‘It will be chaos’: 26 states in US will ban abortion if supreme court ruling stands," by Jessica Glenza
"How the Right to Birth Control Could Be Undone," by Melissa Murray

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