April 5, 2022

Episode 44: Pay Attention to State Courts - and Their Elections

State courts handle the vast majority of lawsuits in this country, easily outworking federal courts. And as the packed U.S. Supreme Court rewrites American jurisprudence, state courts are poised to become the battleground for even more issues that impact our daily lives. This could explain why races for state judgeships are heating up, with more mudslinging, intimidation, and money being spent. Jill Dash speaks this week with Anita Earls, Associate Justice of the North Carolina State Supreme Court, to discuss the mounting politicization of state courts - and why it is all the more important for diverse, qualified lawyers to consider running for judgeships.

Episode Host: Jill Dash, ACS Vice President of Strategic Engagement

Episode Guests:
Anita Earls, Associate Justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court

Skewed Justice, by ACS
ACS's Run.Vote.Work. Initiative

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