September 14, 2018

Be a Poll Worker This November

Ashley Erickson Director of Network Advancement


Free and fair elections are fundamental to our democracy. This November, you can help to ensure the fairness of our elections by volunteering as a poll worker.

ACS is recruiting poll workers for Election Day as a member of All Voting is Local, a campaign of national civil rights organizations. To learn more about what poll workers do and how to volunteer in your community, visit

The shortage of poll workers threatens the integrity of the voting process

A critical shortage of election workers nationwide causes long lines and frustration at the polls, endangering the democratic process. When polling places don’t have enough trained workers, voters face burdensome delays that threaten their ability to cast a ballot.

Election administrators nationwide report that recruiting poll workers is a major concern in running effective elections. During the 2016 election, nearly 65 percent of jurisdictions nationwide reported that it was “very difficult” or “somewhat difficult” to recruit enough poll workers, according to a study by the U.S. Election Assistance Commission.

Together, we can fix this problem by ensuring this vital position is properly staffed at every polling location, no matter who votes there, so our democracy can work for us all.

Volunteers can make sure the polls are properly staffed this November

The Be the Difference, Be a Poll Worker campaign highlights the vital role that election workers play and aims to recruit people to meet the demand. We are focusing our efforts on four states with the greatest needs: Arizona, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. The effort is a core piece of All Voting is Local’s mission to identify and fix systemic barriers that stand between voters and the ballot, particularly for communities of color.

Visit to be linked directly to your local jurisdiction to sign up for the job, learn about the essential tasks involved in being a poll worker, and find resources for more information.

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