November 8, 2022

Sign Up to Be a Poll Worker or Election Protection Volunteer

Sign up to be a Poll Worker

One of the best ways you can help preserve our democracy this year is by becoming a poll worker. That’s why we’re asking you to take our pledge and to become a poll worker this year. After you sign the pledge, we’ll provide you with the information necessary to get active in your state. When you sign up with Power the Polls, you’ll get connected to your local election office so you can learn more about serving as a poll worker.

Join Election Protection Efforts for the Midterms!

Join the non-partisan Election Protection coalition and volunteer for the midterms! Participating in Election Protection is a great way to get involved in efforts to make sure everyone has an equal opportunity to vote. Volunteer poll monitors are especially needed during early voting and on Election Day. Poll monitors are trained to distribute “Know Your Rights” cards to voters, answer basic questions from voters at the polls, and help voters resolve any problems that occur. If you are interested, please sign up here