March 22, 2022

11:45 am - 12:45 pm, Central Time

Alternative Curriculum

TNH 3.125, Austin, Texas

Property laws have been utilized to reinforce a broad range of racial disparities, and even today vestiges of Jim Crow laws play a part in the decline of Black land ownership throughout generations. From red-lining and property taxes to more sinister land grabs, these issues of race and racism are often absent from scholarly and casebook discussions of property law. Join us for a discussion on these and related matters with Professor Kevin Haynes. Lunches will be provided!

This second installment of Alternative Curriculum this semester takes place in person on Tuesday, March 22nd from 11:45 am to 12:45 pm! Masks and social distancing are encouraged.

What to Expect: Low-stakes discussions with optional readings that should take ten minutes max! For this session, students can review How Property Law Is Used to Appropriate Black Land (video) and How Jim Crow-era laws still tear families from their homes (Journal article).

What's In It For You: Lively discussion and a great opportunity to get to know some of Texas Law's best and brightest socially conscious legal minds!