April 4, 2024

6:30 pm - 8:00 pm, Eastern Time

Rose Sheinberg Lecture Cosponsorship

Every year, the Rose Sheinberg Committee invites a scholar or activist who works on cutting-edge issues of gender, race, and class to spend a day at the law school and speak with NYU Law students through a lecture open to the public, lunch with a a small group of students, and a private dinner. More information can be found here about past speakers and the history of the program, now in its 30th year.

This year's event, on Thursday, April 4th in the evening, will feature Imani Perry, an interdisciplinary scholar and writer giving fresh context to history and the cultural expressions forged by Black Americans in the face of injustice. Her lecture is titled Race & the Dis/Abling State. Beginning with her experience of studying race and the law as someone who lives with chronic disease disabilities, Professor Perry will offer thoughts on how the law not only consistently fails those who live with disabilities but has historically functioned as a disabling force in Black American life. She invites a consideration of how a racial justice-oriented disability jurisprudence might be pursued given our fraught history.