New York University School of Law

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Faculty Advisors

Adam Cox - Faculty Advisor

Burt Neuborne - Faculty Advisor

Deborah Malamud - Faculty Advisor


Alex Kristofcak - Board Member at Large

Brianna Seid - Co-President and Lawyer Chapter Liaison

Gabriel Ferrante - Co-President and Lawyer Chapter Liaison

James Mayer - Board Member at Large

Janice Yoon - Litigation & Advocacy Chair

Kimberly Fayette - Membership, Media, and Community Engagement Chair

Raymond Ngu - Policy & Elections Co-Chair

Sahng-Ah Yoo - Diversity and Inclusion Chair and Board Member at Large

Samantha Osaki - Litigation & Advocacy Chair

Sami Sexton - Treasurer

Scott Davis - Policy & Elections Co-Chair

Sofia Gold - Events Chair