December 18, 2023

6:00 pm - 7:00 pm, Eastern Time

ACS Ohio: Scandals & SCOTUS: Improving U.S. Supreme Court Ethics


Yachts, private planes, book deals, gifts - the recent list of questionable ethics by the justices of the United States’ highest court is lengthy and has led to questions about the Supreme Courts’ lack of judicial ethics and accountability. Hosted by the Ohio Fair Courts Alliance and Common Cause Ohio, this forum features experts who will discuss the pressing need for robust judicial ethics and meaningful reforms for the US Supreme Court.

Panelists include:

- Alex Aronson, former chief counsel to US Senator Sheldon Whitehouse

- Jennifer Ahearn, senior counsel, Brennan Center for Justice’s Judiciary Program

- Sarah Turberville, Director of The Constitution Project, Project of Government Oversight

- Lisa Graves, founder and Executive Director, True North Research

Co-sponsors include ACLU Ohio, American Constitution Society, Campus Vote Project, Faith in Public Life, LWV Ohio, Ohio Families Unite for Political Action and Change (OFUPAC), Piper Fund, and ReThink Media.

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