October 6, 2020

6:00 pm - 7:00 pm, Mountain Time

ACS At-Large and Colorado: Privacy at the Margins

The debate surrounding privacy rights has yielded a wide variety of responses from the legal community. However, just as with many other aspects of society, when these rights are left undefined and abstract, the rights of minorities are often the ones affected the most. In a talk about Privacy at the Margins, a book written by Professor Scott Skinner-Thompson, one can learn why privacy is of acute importance for marginalized groups. Further, this event explains how limited legal protections for privacy leave minority communities vulnerable to concrete injuries and violence when their information is exposed.

Join the ACS At-Large, Colorado, and DC Lawyer Chapters, and the University of Colorado Law School ACS Student Chapter, as Professor Skinner-Thompson presents a vivid account of how privacy and efforts undertaken by vulnerable groups (queer folks, women, and racial and religious minorities) can serve as a tool of resistance and equality worthy of constitutional protection. By examining the ways even limited privacy can enrich and enhance our lives at the margins in material ways, this event will showcase how privacy can be transformed from a liberal affectation to a legal tool of liberation from oppression.


Scott Skinner-Thompson, Professor and ACS Faculty Advisor, University of Colorado Law School

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