Washington, DC Lawyer Chapter

ACS is the nation’s largest progressive legal network. We strive to ensure that the Constitution and the law work for all people by empowering leaders and informing discourse. The ACS Washington, DC Lawyer Chapter hosts events on the local and national impact of the courts and the Constitution.

Board of Directors

Kate Azevedo - Outreach Committee Vice-Chair

Harry Baumgarten - CITC Vice-Chair

Adrienne Benson - Outreach Commitee Vice-Chair

James Bierman - Outreach Co-Chair

Madeline Cohen - Events Committee Vice-Chair

Marissa Ditkowsky - Student Chapters Committee Co-Chair

John Elias - Diversity Committee Co-Chair

Sean Flaim - Co-Vice President and Secretary

Seth Grossman - Student Chapters Committee Vice-Chair

Jordan Grossman - Events Committee Vice-Chair

James Hannaway - Student Chapters Committee Vice-Chair

Hooman Hedayati - Events Committee Co-Chair

John Micah Heinemann - Events Committee Vice-Chair

Kara Kapp - Outreach Commitee Vice-Chair

Tracey Klees - Student Chapters Committee Vice-Chair

Natalie Knight - Co-Vice President and Secretary

Jeremy Kreisberg - CITC Vice-Chair

Gregory Lipper - CITC Vice-Chair

José Masini Torres - Outreach Commitee Vice-Chair

George McAleese - Student Chapters Committee Co-Chair

Samuel Moss - Outreach Commitee Vice-Chair

John Nader - Outreach Commitee Vice-Chair

Peter Nye - Events Committee Vice-Chair

Christina O'Tousa - Events Committee Vice-Chair

Austin Ownbey - Events Committee Co-Chair

Maritza Perez - Diversity Committee Co-Chair

Nick Peterson - Outreach Commitee Vice-Chair

Jess Pezley - Events Committee Vice-Chair

Julie Siegel - Events Committee Vice-Chair

Harsh Voruganti - President

Jessica Westerman - Student Chapters Committee Vice-Chair

Andrew Wright - Outreach Committee Co-Chair