Washington, DC Lawyer Chapter

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Board of Directors

Adrienne Benson - Outreach Vice-Chair

Ashwin Phatak - Events Vice-Chair

Austin Ownbey - Events Vice-Chair

Eugene Sowa - CITC Co-chair

George McAleese - Student Chapters Chair

Gregory Lipper - CITC Vice-Chair

Harsh Voruganti - VP and Diversity Chair

Hooman Hedayati - Events Vice-Chair

James Bierman - Outreach Co-Chair

Jess Pezley - Outreach Vice-Chair

Jessica Westerman - Outreach Co-Chair

Jim Black - CITC Vice-Chair

John Nader - Outreach Vice-Chair

Jordan Grossman - Co-President

Julie Siegel - Co-President

Kara Kapp - Outreach Vice-Chair

Katie O'Connor - Outreach Vice-Chair

Kenneth Lemberg - Events Vice-Chair

Laura Hamilton - Outreach Vice-Chair

Matthew Kaplan - Student Chapters Vice-Chair

Michelle Nance - Student Chapters Vice-Chair

Patrick Kibbe - CITC Co-chair

Rebecca Smith - Events Vice-Chair

Sean Flaim - Events Co-Chair

Seth Grossman - Student Chapters Vice-Chair

Susan Wilker - Events Co-Chair

William Cooper - Student Chapters Vice-Chair