February 6, 2023

Duke University School of Law

The Duke University School of Law ACS Chapter is honored to be recognized as Student Chapter of the Week!

During the fall semester, they hosted Professor Mark Graber to discuss his book, The Forgotten Fourteenth Amendment, and Vox Senior Correspondent Ian Millhiser to discuss the troubled history of the Supreme Court. In advance of the November midterms, they conducted a voter registration drive alongside You Can Vote, DBA, North Carolina Club, ACLU, and GPS. They were also honored to host a candidate forum of North Carolina Supreme Court candidates. They also held a series of Docket Discussions, where professors and other experts discussed some of the pressing cases on the Supreme Court’s docket in advance of oral arguments, including the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc. v. Goldsmith, the Students for Fair Admissions cases, and Moore v. Harper.

This semester, they look forward to hosting Professor Anthony Michael Kreis, Professor Sharon Block, Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Heytens, Third Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Restrepo, and recently retired North Carolina Supreme Court Justice Hudson.

The chapter is led by Paul Finkelstein, Ben Tice, Dexter Hamilton, Emma Kilroy, Jack Wasserman, Scott Anderson, Caroline Tervo, Gregg Cornett, Hamza Chaudhry, John McDaniel, Lauryn Khaw, Leah Korn, Lily Talerman, Rohan Gohel, and Samara Jacobson.  They would like to thank its members and their faculty advisors, Professor Neil S. Siegel and Professor Joseph Blocher, for their continued support!

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