SMU Dedman School of Law

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Faculty Advisors

Eliot Shavin - Faculty Advisor

Jenia Turner - Faculty Advisor

Meghan Ryan - Faculty Advisor

Nathan Cortez - Co-Faculty Advisor


Ashley Rich - Director of Local Chapter Communications

Briana August - Director of Faculty and Staff Outreach

Bronte Story - Co-Director of Finance: SBA

Caitlyn Coil - Director of Social Media

Claire Cahoon - President

Connor Saenz - Director of Community Engagement

Darin Huggins - Co-Director of Finance: ACS

Gina Mills - VP of Internal Affairs

Jay Spring - Secretary

Marlena Gutierrez - VP of External Affairs

Morgan Crider - Director of Communications

Morgan Mueller - Director of National ACS Communications

Roslyn Dubberstein - Director of 1L Engagement