Year In Review

2018 Year In Review


The Trump administration has proven to be a flashpoint for our democracy, and ACS is proud to have raised our voice and our network to speak up and speak out. Our work has never been more important, and we have supporters like you to thank for that.

ACS firmly believes that the law should be a force for good for all people, and will continue to champion original scholarship, programs, and initiatives to achieve that end. 2018 was a pivotal year for ACS, and we wanted to share some highlights of our work here. Together we will build a vision of the law that values everyone.

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“ACS was so helpful when I was starting law school; it instantly connected me with like-minded law students.”

“When I think of progressive leadership in the U.S., ACS is at the forefront.”

“ACS has been a real anchor for me, helping me in my career, opening doors, and making connections.”

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