June 16, 2012

The View from the Bench: Judicial Campaigns and Public Confidence in the Courts

Bert Brandenburg

Executive Director, Justice at Stake
Begin: 00:00

Ann Walsh Bradley

Associate Justice of the Wisconsin Supreme Court
Begin: 09:25

Marilyn Kelly

Associate Justice of the Michigan Supreme Court
Begin: 16:04

Clifford W. Taylor

former Chief Justice of the Michigan Supreme Court; Of Counsel, Miller Canfield
Begin: 26:50

Ruth V. McGregor

former Chief Justice of the Arizona Supreme Court
Begin: 30:30

Justice Kelly

Begin: 37:50

Justice McGregor

Begin: 40:30

Patricio M. Serna

Associate Justice of the New Mexico Supreme Court
Begin: 41:36

Justice Taylor

Begin: 48:50

Justice Bradley

Begin: 53:55

Justice Kelly

Begin: 56:50

Justice McGregor

Begin: 58:30

Justice Serna

Begin: 1:00:50


Begin: 1:02:30

Thirty-nine states elect their judges in some fashion, whether as an initial selection process or through retention voting. These elections have the propensity to turn judges into politicians, at the potential cost of public skepticism regarding judicial impartiality. What can be done to address the perception that justice can be bought? This panel of state court judges shared their experiences and recommendations about how to enhance public confidence in the courts.