July 10, 2024

ACS National Supreme Court Review (2023-2024)

The ACS National Supreme Court Review featured leading scholars and advocates examining some of the most consequential cases of the 2023-2024 Term. The panel discussed the Court's noteworthy decisions, their long-term effects on law and policy, and what they can tell us about a Court in the midst of a legitimacy crisis that has been years in the making.

Welcome Remarks
Russ Feingold, President, American Constitution Society

Mark Joseph Stern, Senior Writer, Slate (moderator)

Matthew Bodie, Professor of Law, Robins Kaplan Professor of Law, University of Minnesota Law School

Greer Donley, Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Development, John E. Murray Faculty Scholar, Associate Professor of Law, University of Pittsburgh School of Law

Kathay Feng, Vice President of Programs, Common Cause

Genevieve Lakier, Professor of Law, Herbert and Marjorie Fried Teaching Scholar, The University of Chicago Law School

K. Sabeel Rahman, Professor of Law, Cornell Law School