June 15, 2013

Covering the Court: Inside the Supreme Court Press Room

Thomas Goldstein

Founding Partner, Goldstein & Russell, P.C.
Begin: 2:19

Nina Totenberg

Legal Affairs Correspondent, NPR
Begin: 6:00

Adam Liptak

Supreme Court Correspondent, The New York Times
Begin: 10:54

Joan Biskupic

Legal Affairs editor-in-charge, Reuters News
Begin: 17:13

Kimberly Atkins

Staff Writer, Lawyers USA
Begin: 21:49

With back-to-back blockbuster terms, the Supreme Court continues to capture our collective imagination, as well as impact the lives of all Americans. The journalists who cover the Court day-in and day-out have a unique perspective on the Justices and how cases get decided. This panel of Supreme Court reporters will take us inside the Supreme Court Press Room, reflecting on the October 2012 term, the personalities and shifting alliances on the Court, and the possibility of upcoming vacancies.