March 7, 2015

2015 Student Convention - Voting Rights Institute Panel

2015 Student Convention, Voting Rights, Voting Rights Institute

Chris Celentano

ACS Rutgers School of Law Newark Student Chapter
Begin: 0:00

Gerry Hebert

Campaign Legal Center
Begin: 1:03

David Richards

Richards Rodriguez & Skeith LLP
Begin: 34:05

Martin Golando

Mexican American Legislative Caucus
Begin: 54:00

Gary Bledsoe

Begin: 1:04:42

Wendy Davis

Texas State Senate
Begin: 1:18:36

Chad Dunn

Brazil & Dunn
Begin: 1:32:18
The landmark Voting Rights Act of 1965 is one of the most successful civil rights laws in our nation’s history, and remains an important piece of national legislation. This training aimed to provide attendees with the tools and tips necessary to become active members of the voting rights bar. This training provided an overview of voting rights law including Section 5: Shelby County v. Holder, Section 2: Voter ID & Redistricting, and constitution claims illustrated by Crawford v. Marion County Board of Elections. It covered race & voting, litigation strategies, Photo ID cases, new theories found in cases like White v. Regester & Lario, and careers in Election Law and Voting Rights.
Gary Bledsoe – President, Texas NAACP
Wendy Davis – former Texas State Senator
Chad Dunn – Partner, Brazil & Dunn
Martin Golando – General Counsel, Mexican American Legislative Caucus
Gerry Hebert – Executive Director and Director of Litigation, Campaign Legal Center
David Richards – Senior Counsel, Richards Rodriguez & Skeith LLP