Special Counsel Investigative Authority, Procedures, and Precedent

Need for a Legal Counsel

Time for a Special Counsel in the Russiagate Scandal, Politico

Let Mueller Do His Job, SC Now (Bill Nettles)


Fallout from the Comey Dismissal

ACS Briefing Call: The Fallout From the Comey Dismissal

ACSblog: First Tragedy, Now Farce

How Every Lawmaker Has Reacted to Comey’s Firing So Far, The New York Times


Why a Special Prosecutor is Essential?

ACSblog: A Special Prosecutor is Essential, But How


Options if Violations Found

ACSblog: Mueller Will Face Tough Choices If He Finds Trump Broke the Law

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Sessions Recusal Issues

ACSblog: Senators Could Bring Clarity to Attorney General Sessions' Strangely Worded Recusal


Questions for FBI Director Wray

ACSblog: Top 2 Questions for FBI Chief Nominee Christopher Wray: Did He Set Any Conditions Before Getting the Nod? Did Trump?

Questions for FBI Director Christopher Wray December 7, 2017, Hearing before the House Judiciary Committee


Questions for Attorney General Sessions

Questions for Attorney General Jeff Sessions November 14, 2017, Hearing before the House Committee on the Judiciary


Issues Related to Indictments

ACSblog: Russian Indictment and Extradition