March 17, 2023

State Bans on Gender Affirming Health Care are 'Despicable' Assault on Bodily Autonomy

Contact: Nancy Rodriguez,

Washington, DC -- The American Constitution Society released the following statement in response to the proliferation of state legislation seeking to ban or severely restrict the availability of gender affirming health care for young people:

“The onslaught of harmful state legislation seeking to deny gender affirming health care for transgender and gender-diverse youth, while not new, has become more pervasive and crueler in 2023, with the bill passed by the Kentucky legislature last night being only the latest example,” said ACS President Russ Feingold. “Such legislation, passed in Utah, South Dakota, and Mississippi earlier this year, and similar laws already on the books in several states, seek to use children as political pawns. The conservative movement’s hostility towards the health and safety of children and its broader assault on bodily autonomy are despicable. These bills and laws have no sound legal or medical basis and result in irreparable harm to young people and their families. If these legislators really cared about transgender and gender diverse children, they would follow the science and follow the lead of the LGBTQ+ community.”


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