February 5, 2020

Senate Vote Raises Deep Constitutional Concerns for the Future


Contact: Nancy Rodriguez, media@acslaw.org

Washington, D.C. — The Senate voted today to acquit President Trump of the abuse of power and obstruction of justice charges brought by the House in the wake of the Ukraine scandal. Below is a statement from Zinelle October, Interim President of the American Constitution Society.

“Today is a tragic moment in our country’s history. The Senate’s vote comes following a trial that ignored pertinent witnesses and relevant evidence. Now the country is left to wonder what other information may be out there that speaks to the president’s conduct and about the overall legitimacy of the Senate’s actions.

“From the beginning of this process, ACS has called for lawmakers to put principles above politics and meet their constitutional duty to conduct comprehensive, open, fair and impartial proceedings with pertinent witnesses being given the chance to share what they know. That was not allowed to happen. These developments should leave us all with deep constitutional concerns about what this means for presidential power, checks and balances and presidential accountability – for this administration and those to come. No one is above the law and yet it would appear in this case, the rule of law was summarily cast aside.

“As we move forward from this historic series of events, let us hope that more information does not come to light that will further call this process and verdict into question.”


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