November 24, 2021

Guilty Verdict for the Killers of Ahmaud Arbery an Aberration of Our Legal System


Contact: Pablo Willis,   

 Washington, DCToday, President of the American Constitution Society Russ Feingold released the following statement on the guilty verdicts for the individuals charged with the murder of Ahmaud Arbery.     

"Today’s guilty verdicts affirms what we have known since the country witnessed the violent murder of Ahmaud Arbery on video over a year ago. While this verdict is important, it is only a single case, and in many respects is an aberration in our legal system that too often protects white power and entrenches racial hierarchy. Gun violence, particularly when wielded against people of color in this country, is a generations-long epidemic that is all too often met with impunity by our legal system. We must address the racially oppressive roots of our nation’s power structures and reckon with how racism permeates and impacts our legal system and our institutions more broadly if we are to achieve a justice system that actually serves to protect the lives of all people.” 




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