November 21, 2022

ACS Statement on the Deadly Mass Shooting at Club Q

Contact: Nancy Rodriguez,

Washington, DC — The American Constitution Society’s President Russ Feingold released the following statement in response to the deadly mass shooting at Club Q in Colorado Springs, CO.

“We at ACS are devastated by the deadly mass shooting at Club Q, which was both a hate crime and part of the broader campaign of terror enabled by the almost unfettered availability and overwhelming abundance of assault weapons in this country. This shooting directly targeted the LGBTQ+ community and reflects the documented rise in hate crimes in recent years, including against members of the LGBTQ+ community (particularly trans women of color), as well as members of the Asian American, Jewish, immigrant, and other historically marginalized communities. Such targeted violence is an intentional tool of hate and oppression, meant not only to kill but also to spread fear across communities and prevent members of those communities from fully living their lives. This violence is driven by racism and bigotry and made increasingly possible by the loosening of gun restrictions and the availability of assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. Moreover, it is encouraged by the validation of violence that we increasingly see from emboldened extremist factions in this country. Such violence and oppression must be addressed as the national threats to democracy and equity that they are. We stand in solidarity with the community of Club Q and the broader LGBTQ+ community.”


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