December 8, 2021

ACS Releases New Report on the Judiciary Analyzing the Administration’s Performance on Judicial Nominations


Contact: Pablo Willis,   

 Washington, DC —  Today, The American Constitution Society released an analysis of the progress the Biden-Harris administration has made in filling vacancies on the federal bench with diverse, qualified candidates.   

The report provides compelling statistics about the demographic and professional diversity of the administration’s nominees and the pace at which the Senate is confirming them. For example, the current administration has had more judges confirmed to the federal bench in its first six months than any administration in the last 50 years. Moreover, 75 percent of President Biden’s nominees have been women and one-third of all of his nominees have served as public defenders.   

"President Biden has thus far made judicial nominations a priority, filling federal court vacancies at a historic pace and placing a premium on both demographic and professional diversity. As a result, this administration is making meaningful progress towards establishing a judiciary that reflects the diversity of the public it serves and that gives all Americans confidence in our judicial system,” said ACS President Russ Feingold. “It’s vital for the long-term health of our democracy that the President’s historic pace be maintained and even accelerated given the unknown period of time this administration has to fill vacancies with non-obstructive Senate leadership.”  

ACS regularly updates judicial data on its judicial nominations and “Diversity on the Federal Bench” webpages.  



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