April 29, 2021

ACS President Welcomes New Biden Judicial Nominees & Stresses Urgent Need To Fill Vacancies



April 29, 2021


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ACS President Welcomes New Biden Judicial Nominees & Stresses Urgent Need To Fill Vacancies

Washington, D.C. -- American Constitution Society President Russ Feingold released the following statement in response to the Biden Administration’s second slate of judicial nominations.

“The American Constitution Society welcomes the Biden administration’s announcement of three additional judicial candidates and looks forward to the administration’s continued prioritization of the judiciary. These three judicial candidates, like the first eleven, exemplify racial, gender, and professional diversity, which is desperately needed to establish a judiciary that reflects the people it serves.

For four years, Republicans stacked our courts with conservative ideologues who were predominantly young, white men. Of the 234 judges confirmed during the Trump administration, 76 percent were men and 84 percent were white. This lack of diversity and concerted effort to shove our judiciary to the right undermines the credibility and legitimacy of our courts.

There are more than 100 current and known vacancies on our federal courts. The courts impact nearly every issue area that affects the American people, from health care to workers’ rights, from environmental justice to reproductive freedom. It is paramount that our courts be fully staffed with diverse, qualified judges. We stress the urgency in advancing diverse, qualified candidates to expeditiously fill all existing vacancies.”


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