August 13, 2020

ACS President Calls Undermining USPS, Census Bureau ‘Unacceptable’

Contact: Nancy Rodriguez,

Washington, D.C.  –  American Constitution Society President Russ Feingold released the following statement today in response to the Trump administration’s undermining of government agencies.

“In recent weeks, the Trump administration has opened up a frontal assault on government agencies playing key roles in ensuring a fair and free election and full political representation.

Today, the President linked his opposition to critical funding for the United States Postal Service to his opposition to mail-in voting, despite the pandemic that continues to threaten Americans across the country. This attack on the Postal Service and its frontline workers, who are delivering important election materials in unprecedented conditions, is an attack on the right to vote.

The administration’s decision to call a halt to Census operations a full month early amounts to an attack on the Census Bureau and its civil servants, who are undertaking their constitutionally-mandated task of counting every person living in the United States, and an attack on the right to political representation and the core democratic concept of ‘one person, one vote.’

Since its inception, ACS has remained committed to upholding the rule of law and defending the right to vote. This undermining of our government agencies in the performance of their core duties threatens our democratic commitments, is unacceptable, and must be called out.”





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