December 23, 2022

ACS Commends the January 6th Select Committee and Its Final Report

Contact: Nancy Rodriguez,

Washington, DC — The January 6th Select Committee concluded its work this week. In addition to submitting a final report and issuing dozens of recommendations, the Committee criminally referred former President Donald Trump and other individuals to the Department of Justice. The Committee’s report is the product of over 1,000 interviews and depositions, and the inspection of over 140,000 documents.

“ACS applauds the tireless and bipartisan work of the Select Committee’s members and staff to provide the American public with a thorough, factual record of what happened leading up to and on January 6th,” said ACS President Russ Feingold. “The Committee has proven that January 6th was not only an attempt to overthrow our democracy, but its events were also not random, spontaneous, or isolated. ACS shares the Committee’s conviction that the work to safeguard our democracy cannot stop with the report. We cannot take for granted that our institutions will hold in the future if people, including a former president, go on to prove that they are above the law.”

“As the Committee often noted, its work was both about looking back on January 6th and equally about safeguarding future elections and the will of the American people. Our democracy continues to face an existential threat from those willing to forsake the rule of law to obtain power,” said ACS Executive Vice President Zinelle October. “In addition to the ongoing investigations at the local, state, and federal levels, ACS urges the Biden administration and Congress to review the Committee’s recommendations and undertake all steps necessary to safeguard our constitutional democracy and ensure accountability.”


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