March 31, 2023

ACS Celebrates International Trans Day of Visibility

Contact: Jeanne Hruska,

Washington, DC – In honor of International Trans Day of Visibility, Russ Feingold, President of ACS, released the following statement:

“Throughout American history, the transgender community has been marginalized and had their very existence erased, with violence against the community going largely unchecked. In recent decades, activists, advocates, and community members have achieved enormous progress on LGBTQ+ rights. ACS celebrates this progress and the many members of the trans community who, through tireless work and the simple audacity to live authentically in a world that would erase them, have helped achieved these gains.

But trans and gender diverse individuals continue to face disproportionate rates of violence and their right to exist safely, publicly, and inclusively remains under constant threat. Hundreds of bills aimed at stripping trans and gender diverse individuals of their rights, their health care, and their safety have been and continue to be pursued in many state legislatures. ACS condemns these gross and dangerous efforts to drive trans people out of public life, which are part of a broader assault on multiracial democracy.

Trans individuals, including trans youth, should be able to live their true selves, authentically, publicly, and safely. ACS celebrates the trans community and reaffirms its commitment to fighting in solidarity for trans rights, dignity, and safety. We are committed to helping secure the promise of a diverse, multiracial democracy, in which trans individuals are full and rightful participants."


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