April 26, 2022

Episode 47: What's Next for the January 6th Select Committee?

After interviewing hundreds of witnesses and reviewing tens of thousands of documents, the January 6th Select Committee is preparing to hold public, televised hearings. While we’ve learned a lot in recent months from subpoenas and lawsuits, the American public is presumably about to learn a whole lot more in these hearings. So, what do we know already and what should we expect from the hearings? Jeanne Hruska speaks with POLITICOS's Kyle Cheney and with Jeannie Rhee, a partner at Paul Weiss, about the Select Committee's work thus far and the lingering impact of January 6th on our democracy.

Episode Host: Jeanne Hruska, ACS Sr Advisor for Communications and Strategy

Episode Guests:
Kyle Cheney, Congress Reporter for POLITICO
Jeannie Rhee, Partner at Paul Weiss

Judge Carter's Decision in Eastman v. Thompson
"Jan. 6 panel piecing together details of final Trump-Pence call," by Kyle Cheney
Interview with Jeannie Rhee on Countering Hate in Court, "Jan. 6 Did Not Come Out of Nowhere."

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