Member News: Week of December 10, 2018

ACS President Caroline Fredrickson wrote a piece for The New York Times on President Trump’s new AG nominee, William Barr. She also wrote a piece for USA Today on the need to fully expose Trump’s campaign dealings.

ACS Board member Ruben Garcia spoke on Minnesota Public Radio about the costs of prison labor.

ACS Board member Melissa Murray is quoted in TIME reacting to the Supreme Court’s refusal to hear an abortion-related case, the first reproductive rights case since Kavanaugh joined.

ACS Board of Advisors member Nancy Gertner spoke on The Beat with Ari Melber about new filings from the SDNY and Mueller that increase the “legal exposure” of Donald Trump.

ACS Milwaukee Lawyer Chapter Chair Craig Mastantuono and ACS members Hon. Louis Butler, Matt Frank, Hon. Janine Geske, Rick Raemisch, Dean Strang, and Hon. Mary Triggiano were appointed by the Governor-Elect to his new Public Safety and Criminal Justice Advisory Council.

ACS Bay Area Lawyer Chapter Board of Advisors member Jessica Jackson Sloan is quoted in Vox regarding criminal justice reform and the First Step Act.

ACS Next Generation Leader Taru Taylor wrote a piece for The Real Deal Press on citizens’ calls for county jail reform.

ACS Maryland Law Chapter President Samuel Morse's essay on the Vice President casting tie-breaking votes on judicial nominees is referenced in How Appealing.

ACS member Rob Dorans was selected as one of 15 finalists to fill two vacancies on the Columbus City Council.

ACS member Richard Primus is quoted in The Guardian addressing the legality of recent Republican lame-duck power grabs.

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